The story about 25 Wine Festivals in Europe

It’s time for a small change around here. We made the new post which we named 25 Wine Festivals in Europe from August 2016 to April 2017. Writing a post about wine is a challenge. This is a story about traditions, people, winemakers, a way of life and certainly about wine. Wine is not just a drink,  it is a food and healthy medicine if you drink in moderation amounts.  The wine festivals have one mission, to bring people together and to build new business connections all around the world.

25 Wine Festivals

We bring to you three theses about wine that will change your opinion about wine. Through our presentation “25 Wine Festivals in Europe” you will find the wine events from north to the south part of Europe.

Taste of wine – personal experience

About taste there is a myth, we don’t discuss it if we don’t need it. The wine taste is something very subjective for all of us. However, there are certain exist the standards and objective criteria, which would be desirable to take into account when we talk about wine. In each winery, which you will visit in future you will have the opportunity to meet professional enologist. The enologist knows more about wine, vineyard and how is going the process of wine production than any other amateur. So, tasting the wines in the cellars and listening to the story about winemaking can be very educative and positive experience. Buying wine of bottle can be very stressful. With the wine knowledge, you will have less worry about choosing the right one. Don’t forget, there’s a saying, a “bad man cannot make good wine”.

Are the wines from the New World better than those of the Old World?

Experts for wines are usually classified wine according it comes from the Old World (such as France, Spain, Italy) or the New World (Chile, South Africa). In the world of wines, wine from Chile, for example, bring a better voice than eg. from Spain. This division does not make sense. Many factors are taken into account in the production of wine and they are individual. In the last ten years, New World wines have a very aggressive campaign against the Old World Wine in Europe. Much has been imported into the country’s high wine culture such as France, Italy, Germany, and others.

Is the France top wine producer?

Absolutely is not true. We know France as a country of wine has a very long tradition of wine production and stands out for its distinctive flavors and excellent locations vineyards. An interesting fact is that like no other country, its vineyards are very defined, classified and controlled. Some of the most common grape varieties that can meet all over the world come to us just from France, for example, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and many others.

The Association of growers Coldiretti announced the note that after the first harvest in 2016. Italy will retain the first place as the largest wine producers in the world. This year’s harvest should be five percent better than in 2015 when it amounted to 47.5 million hectoliters.  Today Italy produced 18% of world production of wine, France 17%, Spain 13%, US 8%, Argentina and Chile by 5% and China, South Africa and Australia by 4%, according to new estimates. The explanation for falling consumption of wine in France, according to experts, lies in the fact that the French drink less wine. By comparison, in 1960 the French on average drink 100 liters of wine per year, and by 2015 that number had fallen to 42 liters. Cheers!

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