Obonjan@ Obonjan
Obonjan@ Obonjan
Aug 1 all-day
Obonjan @ Obonjan
Obonjan is a island for music lovers which opens the whole summer season in Croatia. Obonjan is a small island located just 6km off the mainland near Sibenik. Open for the summer season from 25th[...]
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Aug 1 all-day
Dubrovnik Summer Festival @ Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik-Neretva County | Croatia
Photo by Dubrovnik Summer Festival is undoubtedly the largest and most representative cultural manifestation, not only in Dubrovnik, but in all of Croatia. It is held since 1950 and lasts every year from 10[...]
A Summer’s Tale
A Summer’s Tale
Aug 1 all-day
A Summer's Tale @ Westergellersen | Niedersachsen | Germany
A Summer’s Tale is a multi-day open-air festival that features a select music program with internationally acclaimed artists. But not only that: on the smaller stages, visitors can experience a wide variety of performances, such[...]
Dekmantel Festival
Dekmantel Festival
Aug 1 all-day
Dekmantel Festival @ Amsterdam | North Holland | Netherlands
For the sixth edition, Dekmantel Festival returns to the Amsterdamse Bos and various locations around the IJ River for a 5 day program filled with extraordinary music. With two opening concerts on Wednesday, more than[...]
Maschsee Festival
Maschsee Festival
Aug 1 all-day
Maschsee Festival @ Hanover | Lower Saxony | Germany
Every year since 1986 there is a Maschsee Festival and this year the event continues. Thousand of people from Hannover, from near and far enjoy the party. Along the banks of the lake , a[...]
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