**Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival | 5-21 October 2018**@ Budapest
**Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival | 5-21 October 2018**@ Budapest
Oct 18 all-day
**Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival | 5-21 October 2018** @ Budapest
This year, the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival will be held on October 27 and 21, 2018. The 17th day of the series of events organized by Müpa Budapest, the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center[...]
Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
Oct 18 all-day
Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) @ Amsterdam | North Holland | Netherlands
The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the world’s biggest electronic music festival and conference. ADE’s multiple conference tracks offer the ultimate annual business and inspiration platform in the field of electronic music, featuring dedicated programming[...]
Klik! Amsterdam
Klik! Amsterdam
Oct 18 all-day
Klik! Amsterdam
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival is an annual celebration of all things animated. KLIK likes to showcase animation in all of its shapes and sizes, giving a platform to animated feature films, shorts, commercials, video games[...]
Good Food Festival
Good Food Festival
Oct 18 all-day
Good Food Festival @ Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik-Neretva County | Croatia
A number of new and interesting gastronomic programs are found within this unique project of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, which has become an exceptional supplement to the regular tourism offerings for tourist in the autumn[...]
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