June 13, 2019 – June 15, 2019 all-day
Diverse locaties / various locations , 1019 BR AMSTERDAM

Doek Festival

Photo by Maarten van der Kamp

The Doek Festival is an annual international improvisation festival organized and programmed by the Amsterdam-based musicians’ collective Doek. The festival aims to present the current state of improvised music and related art forms in all their diversity. The festival has grown from a one-day affair to a multi-day event spread around various venues in Amsterdam, including the internationally renowned Bimhuis. We reach an audience of around 1500, with many more following on social media.


The Doek Festival is the only Dutch festival dedicated to improvisation. In the last few editions we have finally hit on our ideal festival programming and working method. We look around us at the world of improvisation and try to identify what is happening at this moment. We then invite a pool of musicians who we think best represent that trend/city/approach. They play in established and ad hoc groups, work on new compositions and improvisations and present the results at carefully selected locations around Amsterdam. The audience is not only introduced to new and surprising line-ups, but also to unusual and inspiring locations in Amsterdam. This festival is not about big numbers and big names, but about presenting high quality music in the most suitable context. We reach a diverse public by staying close to the source of the music, presenting related art forms and actively engaging with our audience.


Background information

Doek is a non-profit organization. It has a core member ship of 8 musicians – Eric Boeren, John Dikeman, Kaja Draklser, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Moore, Jasper Stadhouders and Wolter Wierbos – who program the festival, play in various bands, develop projects individually and together, and tour locally and internationally. Coordinator Carolyn Muntz is responsible for the day to day running of the collective, putting artistic decisions into practice and producing the Doek festival. Since 2001 Doek has received structural funding from the national government via the Fonds Podiumkunsten (Fund for Performing Arts). The festival is partly funded from Doek’s structural funding, and partly from local government, private funding bodies and ticket sales.


Contact information:


Address: Clara Zetkinstraat 13
1103 DG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone:+31 (0)6 5429 5950
E-mail:[email protected]
Social media:www.facebook.com/doek.stichting

Official website:






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