September 21, 2017 – September 23, 2017 all-day

At the press conference, a new visual event identity was presented, and the date of the fifth anniversary of the Pula festival of Visualia. This year it will be held from 21 to 23 September. Visualia Festival is the first light festival in Croatia that represents all the magic and beauty of new technologies and audiovisual art.

Short, Visualia Festival is a festival of light and an integral part of the diverse cultural manifestations of the city of Pula. It is organized by the Association Sonitus in cooperation with the Pula Tourist Board and numerous partners.

The aims of the festival are to promote modern works from the field of audiovisual art and to contribute to the richer offer of cultural capital, to the emphasis on artistic values ​​and to the benefit of the community and society.

“During the four years of the Festival in May, we noticed that there are several reasons why maintenance in September would be much better. One of the reasons is that daylight is getting shorter, which means that the programs can start earlier.

This will enable especially the children to enjoy the festival even more, same as the other. Another reason is a matter of financial nature. Namely, the results of the festival’s candidature for co-financing tenders, most important of which are from the EU fund, will be published this June or later, and organize the event in September is much easier to financially cover, “said Tourism Director Sanja Cinkopan Korotaj.

The fifth year of the festival is proof of its value and potential multiplied by the development of competitiveness and the strengthening of a recognizable destination image that Pula seeks to present as a city of light.

In its three days, the festival brings together more than 10,000 visitors who support this kind of event and for this reason, it continues to build a tradition of sustainable presentation of modern works that, through different frameworks and spaces, give visitors unforgettable experiences, emotions and new experiences.

To quote the Mayor of Pula who emphasized the importance of Visualization with words: “This festival has labeled the city of Pula. We like to attract visitors to our city in the months beyond the main season, which is very important. The decision to re-schedule an event in September will enable even more of our citizens and all the other visitors to come and enjoy the attractions of the Visualia. “

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