September 12, 2018 – September 16, 2018 all-day
Komiža, Croatia
Ex-YU Regular Ticket 500.00 HRK

Every year in september, Goulash Disko closes the summer festival season in Europe’s sunniest spot: Komiza, Vis island, Croatia…also known as one of the most remote fisherman village on the Adriatic sea.


Pioneering, intimate and truly unique, Goulash Disko is a festival where you play, revitalise and make lots of new friends, before returning to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. A magical experience combining quality music, virgin nature and collective awesomeness.

As well as being known as a legendary 5 days party, Goulash Disko is also a crowdfunded, 100% independent and sponsor free gathering, limited to 1000 lucky and beautiful souls.

Expect a highly eclectic lineup, with all kinds of music from the Global Underground: Tropical grooves, Organica, Gypsy Punk, Arab Disco, Gypsydelic, Swing Folk, Tribal Techno, Latintronics, Oriental House,… and everything in between.


This year the Goulash Festival camp will look better than it ever did! Beside the regular toilets and showers, we will have:

– FOOD! Smootch Smootchkany will be providing smoothies, breakfasts and other healthy food options through the day.
– ART! GuapoSapo, Nigoull, and other street art crews will bring colors and magic to the military houses!
– CHILL! A chillout zone organized by a group of activists/artists/performers and technicans from the autonomous center Macao in Milan.

While we’ll be careful not to disturb the neighborhood with a loud soundsystem, there will be room for jams and other more accoustic musical treats!

Camping tickets for the whole week are 200kn (=30€) for regular visitors, and 150kn for Ex-Yu citizens.
You can get your tickets here: https://goo.gl/Na5L7Z

If you come with a vehicle you will have to pay an additional 200kn (=30€) for parking to local authorities, directly at the camp entrance.

⛵⛵⛵⛵ LINEUP (more TBA!) ⛵⛵⛵⛵

👾👾 LIVE / BANDS 👾👾

❤️ Mop Mop ft. Anthony Joseph
❤️ Channel One
❤️ The Freeborn Brothers
❤️ Ko Shin Moon
❤️ Bwoy De Bhajan
❤️ Buffo’s Wake
❤️ The Nozez
❤️ Hiphopapotamus Soundsystem
❤️ Daryl James
❤️ Balkalar
❤️ Dog of Man
❤️ Haris Pilton


❤️ NOMADE: Carrot Green / Martha Van Straaten / M.Rux / Ground / Raulito
❤️ SHIKA SHIKA: Jhon Montoya / Barrio Lindo
❤️ MULTI CULTI: Thomas Von Party / Dreems
❤️ TROPICAL TWISTA: Cigarra / Birdzzie / Kurup / Kotoe / Jacira
❤️ TROPICAL TEA PARTY: Waggles / Indian Man / Hiphoppapotamus / Mc Feline / Mc Berise

👾👾 DJ SETS 👾👾👾

❤️ Habibi Funk (vinyl set)
❤️ Guts
❤️ Mr. Raoul K (vinyl set)
❤️ Victor Kiswell (vinyl set)
❤️ Simple Symmetry
❤️ Billain
❤️ Rafael Aragon
❤️ Miret
❤️ Kognitif
❤️ Ion Din Anina
❤️ Fourmi Rouz
❤️ Indra
❤️ Zenji
❤️ Tekitoka
❤️ Kodin


❤️ Yoga
❤️ Acro Yoga
❤️ Silk Dancing
❤️ Circus
❤️ Hoop

+++ Fireshow / Circus / Street Art / Camping +++
+++ Soundsystem: Saso Mange +++
+++ Lights: Lumenartist Organicon / Xenorama +++


Source: https://www.facebook.com/goulashdisko

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