October 17, 2017 – October 22, 2017 all-day
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival is an annual celebration of all things animated. KLIK likes to showcase animation in all of its shapes and sizes, giving a platform to animated feature films, shorts, commercials, video games and installations.

KLIK! brings its passion and knowledge of provocative top-quality animation to a wide audience with an annual festival in Amsterdam, and other exciting activities happening in its wake. The 10th festival edition will be hosted 17-22 October 2017 at EYE, Amsterdam.

Klik! Festival
The strength of KLIK lies in bringing together artists, animation fans, startups, animators, kids, people from Amsterdam, scientists, designers, visual artists, and many more to share one beautiful experience: sparkling, moving and vibrant stories full of life, whether they’re made by hand or with the most advanced computer technologies.

Stories that transcend boundaries and engage people from different backgrounds in a direct and innovative way, in a festive environment in which everyone is welcome.

Heart of the festival’s program is the international competition for animated shorts, dubbed ‘Catch of the Year’. In carefully curated compilations programs, divided into several categories, KLIK presents the very best animated shorts from all over the world. These films compete for one of the highly-coveted KLIK Awards. Until 1 June 2017 animators can submit their work KLIK’s international competition. Last year the festival received over 1800 entries from 83 countries.

KLIK celebrates animation in all shapes and sizes, breaking down the divide between high and low culture, showing entertainment can also be enlightening, and humor can be serious, and where the commercial and the artistic do not exclude each other.

By highlighting a broad spectrum of political and social trends we aim to not only entertain our animation-loving audiences but to also give them food for thought.

With special events for the animator industry KLIK also functions as a meeting point, inspirator and catalyst of the flourishing animation sector, both in the Netherlands and in Europe.

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