86e Fête du Citron® – “des mondes fantastiques” (Fantastic worlds)
from 16 February to 3 March 2019

La Fête du Citron® (Lemon Festival), an unique event in the world, attracts 240,000 visitors every year – a number which is constantly rising.
With processions of floats, gardens of lights and the exhibition of giant designs, come and discover this fantasy world, and move to the rhythm of a simply unforgettable event.
More than 300 professionals work on the project and 145 tons of citrus fruits are used.

A LOOK-BACK AT La Fête du Citron®
with some key dates

The first exhibition of flowers and citrus fruit
in the gardens of the Riviera Palace hotel.

the official birth of La Fête du Citron®, backed by
the Menton Festival Committee

the first poster for La Fête du Citron®
appeared and the first parade took place.

La Fête du Citron® takes place over 6 days
and uses the Biovès gardens for the first time.
Nearly 10,000 lemons and 12, 000 oranges are
used to create designs on the ground.

The citrus fruit is now fixed on metal arches
along the paths in the Biovès gardens.

For the first time, 1955La Fête du Citron® has a
theme – music!

The first free-standing designs appear.
The town’s technical department has the idea
of creating wrought iron supports in order to
conserve fruit and present it in the best way
possible. Following the great frost of 1956,
the organisation was forced to look to Sicily
to supply the increasing demand for fruit.

A new way of attaching fruit – the citrus fruit
was no longer pierced, but was instead
attached to the structures using elastic bands.

A footbridge now links the two sections of
the Biovès gardens.
La Fête du Citron®
with some key dates

The length of the festival is increased to two
weeks due to the number of visitors it is

A record year – 100 tonnes of citrus fruit are
needed to decorate the floats and designs

50th anniversary
Fête du Citron®

La Fête du Citron® is cancelled because of the
Gulf War.

The festival holds its first night-time parade to
celebrate its 60th anniversary. The name Fête
du Citron® becomes a registered trademark.

Disneyland comes to the land of lemons is the
theme for the year. Also, the Menton Lion King
made of oranges and lemons is exhibited at
Disneyland Paris.

The first joint designs appear.

The creation of the ‘Jardins de Lumières’
(Garden of Lights). Visitors enter the Biovès
gardens at night for the first time.

During the winter of 1955, tractors finally
replace donkeys to pull the floats. 60 years
later, the festival sees the appearance of the
first self-propelled floats.

For more information, head to the official website for the festival : www.feteducitron.com


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