“In these times – if we want to create the future of music – we’ve got a lot of work to do”
Nobody could have summarised it more aptly than Linda Perry in her speech at the ANCHOR 2018 – the jury dared young artists and bands to show more courage, to leave their comfort zones more often. At this point, the Hamburg Senator for Cultural Affairs, Dr. Carsten Brosda, also demanded that “we should always choose art instead of arms to fight for our individual freedom” – never before has the call for the involvement of arts and a clear stand in our present society been louder than now, during the 13th Reeperbahn Festival edition. With stunning live shows by Metronomy (GB), Passenger (GB) or Jess Glynne (GB), as well as surprise concerts by the Arena rockers Muse (GB) at the Docks, this year’s programme of more than 600 concerts by about 450 bands and artists has been the most successful one in terms of content.This became also clear with the musical contributions given by the ANCHOR Jury members Linda Perry, Skye Edwards and Cassandra Steen who, together with the Kaiser Quartett, performed the 4 Non Blondes world hit “What´s Up” on the St. Pauli Theater stage. Whether at the opening event, his vernissage or at the ANCHOR awarding ceremony: There were standing ovations for Klaus Voormann whose graphic works show “It Started In Hamburg” had its premiere during Reeperbahn Festival.

Hamburg, 22 September 2018
The 13th Reeperbahn Festival came to an end today, counting over 45,000 guests on four days, among them 5,500 professional visitors from 56 nations.

On Friday night, Muse, the surprise guest of the Warner Music Night, caused great euphoria at the Docks. Welcomed by fireworks on the night before, the British rock band proved that they can be absolutely spectacular – even when playing in a small club without spectacular Arena productions – with live performances of three new songs of their new album “Simulation Theory”, which will be released on 9 November.

Three concert productions, specifically created for Reeperbahn Festival, were also greeted with exaltation: At the Elbphilharmonie, the German electronics artist David August had his first exclusive performance in Germany since 2016, while the British folk rocker Bear’s Den, together with the composer Paul Frith, presented “Fragments”, re-arranged songs of their two albums with string players and piano. Konstantin Gropper’s band Get Well Soon staged their opulent programme “Nightmares” at St. Michaelis Church with string and wind instruments as well as guest singers.

“It Started In Hamburg” was the title of Klaus Voormann’s exhibition, displaying graphic exhibits by the graphics designer, musician and music author from about 60 years of creative work at the Festival Village. The works exhibition, curated by his family as a surprise on Vormann’s 80th birthday, was sensationally popular and will be part of the concert, conference and arts programme presented by Reeperbahn Festival in the course of the Deutschlandjahr USA Sequencer programme from 30 October – 3 November on behalf of the Foreign Office in Los Angeles.

The Keychange Day on Thursday was completely dedicated to the topic of gender equality and clearly showed the beginning of an international network which will have a sustainable impact on the music world. Alexander Schulz, director & founder of Reeperbahn Festival: “We understand the increased budget provided by the Commissioner for Culture and the Media for Reeperbahn Festival as an invitation to establish an event for music and the music business in Germany of similar significance as the Berlinale is for film and the Frankfurt book fair for literature. I have the impression that the enhancement of our programme for professional visitors and fans showed clearly that Reeperbahn Festival is about to become the most important event for music and the music business in Europe.”

With the ANCHOR 2018, the international music prize of Reeperbahn Festival was awarded for the third time. In this context, we celebrated two premieres: For the first time, the jury members contributed actively to the music programme of the awarding ceremony live on stage. Together with the Kaiser Quartett, Linda Perry, Cassandra Steen and Skye Edwards (photo) performed “What’s Up”, the world hit of Perry’s former band 4 Non Blondes! A further premiere is the nomination of two winners: As the international jury under the lead of its president Tony Visconti, consisting of Linda Perry, Skye Edwards, Cassandra Steen and Jason Bentley, were in a stalemate, they selected the indie rocker Tamino (BE) and the psychedelic pop band Faces on TV (BE).

COUNTRY FOCUS 2019: Australia
After the thrilling presence of our French neighbour as country partner of 2018 with over 50 bands and artists as part of the Reeperbahn Festival live programme as well as more than 100 representatives of the music industry, our country partner 2019 will be Australia. Glenn Dickie, Export Music Producer Sounds Australia: “SOUNDS AUSTRALIA will be marking 10 years of Australian music export in 2019, so we cannot wait to be able to celebrate this milestone in Hamburg with an even bigger presence of Australian music as the 2019 Reeperbahn Festival focus country. The Australian presence at Reeperbahn Festival has grown very quickly over the last four years. It seems like a perfect time to capture that momentum and turn the volume up!” Alexander Schulz, Managing Director of Reeperbahn Festival: “The list of names of Australian bands and artists of a wide variety of musical genres with international careers is impressive. The reasons for this are the vibrant live music scene of Australia on one hand, and the outstanding work of Sounds Australia, a state music export/promotion programme, enabling young future artists at a certain point in their careers to gain international professional experience, on the other. The annual Aussie BBQ is one of the highlights of every Reeperbahn Festival – with exciting new music and unbelievably friendly people! The Reeperbahn Festival is proud to announce Australia as partner country for 2019!”

Detlef Schwarte, Director Reeperbahn Festival Conference:
“The Reeperbahn Festival is the place in Europe where the international music industry gets together. The increasing popularity in the music world is proof of the central significance of the festival for the interlinking and the stimulating effect on the business. The programme of about 300 sessions, networking events and association meetings has shown the diversity and depth in which the music sector have dealt with its presence and future in these four days.”

Tickets for Reeperbahn Festival 2019, 18 – 21 September are available now.

Apart from the ANCHOR 2018 the following prizes were awarded during this year’s Reeperbahn Festival:

Keychange Inspiration Award:Bernadette La Hengst

Der Helga!® Festival Award:

  • Best festival for older people: A Summer’s Tale
  • Most graceful camping area: MS Dockville
  • Event personality: Till Krägeloh / Watt En Schlick
  • Finest booking: MS Dockville
  • Best conscience: Fusion
  • Best festival: Wacken Open Air

VIA! VUT Indie Awards:

  • Best newcomer: Noga Erez
  • Best label: staatsakt
  • Best act: Kat Frankie
  • Best album: Trettmann – #DIY
  • Best experiment: Wildes Herz
  • VIA! Indieaxt: Helga Trüpel, MdEP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Reeperbahn Festival International Music Journalism Award:

  • Best Business Music Journalist of the Year (international):Cherie Hu (Forbes/ Billboard, US)
  • Best Music Journalist of the Year (German):Klaus Walter / ByteFm, TAZ, diverse
  • Best Music Journalist of the Year (English):Mary Anne Hobbs / BBC
  • Best Music Journalist of the Year (French):Belkacem Bahlouli / Rolling Stone, France
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (German):Uri Steinburg / “Kollegahs and Farid Bangs ‚JBG3’ wird hart gefeiert, ist aber vor allem problematisch” (Noisey.com)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (English):Liz Pelly / “The Problem With Muzak: Spotify’s Bid To Remodel An Industry” (The Baffler)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Text (French):Julien Jaubert / La Santé Mentale: Succès Dans Le Rap Américain… (Yard Media)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Audio (German):Visa Vie / “Clarify” (Detektor.FM)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Audio (English):Damon Krukowski / “Ways Of Hearing” (Showcase Radiotopia)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Multimedia (German):Viola Funk / “Die dunkle Seite des deutschen Rap” (WDR)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism of the Year – Multimedia (English):Estelle Caswell / “Earworm” (VOX.com)
  • Best Work of Music Journalism below 30 years of age (German):Salwa Houmsi / “Frauen im Pop – Wo ist die Gleichberechtigung?” (Jäger&Sammler/Funk); Thomas Kiebl / ’Warum ich ungerne Interviews gebe? Wegen euch!’ – Taktloss Interview (The Message); Julia Lorenz / “Drangsal vs. Die Nerven” (Musikexpress, edition 5/2018)

International Sound Awards (ISA):

    • GRAND PRIX: Audio Newspaper Experience / Fachhochschule Dortmund, DE
    • Renault R.S. Enters the Zone / Sixième Son, FR
    • Audio Branding Sigikid Toys / Electric Pulse, DE
    • Hear the Taste / UltraNordic, Mirum, FE
    • Kyrö Tasting Experience / Audiodraft, FE
    • Mood Stockholm Sound Design / Lexter, SE
    • Hyundai Olympic Pavilion Sound / why do birds, DE

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