I talk with Robert Navajas, and one month before he said: “Be a musician in Spain, I guess it rocks, I mean making music is the most exciting thing ever, do not matter where you are from, makes people able to put out their stuff regardless of where they are from so I guess there’s not much of a music scene anywhere. “

The behind us is the world football championship in Russia. Croatia was brilliant. Bravo Croatia!
It is summer. There is no better pleasure than listening to music and reading everything that comes by hand: newspapers, political topics, interviews, biographies, Murakami, or the professional literature of education, Emotional Intelligence or Brainstorm. Well … when we are in emotional intelligence, It’s clear now what I’ve felt 20 years ago … today just so many years later, everything worked well. Today I am reading literature based on scientific knowledge, and less light psychology for the lazy afternoon…

I am a professor and at the university, I learned that it is very important to read and to clash the facts. My professor of the WORLD AND CROATIAN HISTORY of the 20th century has nicely said: There is no absolute truth, the truth can only be approached. I’ve been reading the lyrics for musicians who go to India or some other country for inspiration and try to find inspiration for new songs ….. for a while after a singer say, this MAN sells us nonsense, he is a liar. It is difficult to have a discipline, it is difficult to create some new masterpiece but YOU just need to find a niche!
We can not learn or remember in the long run if we are burdened with negative emotions. We must find joy in ourselves. It’s music, it’s a sport or watching your favorite series. Music entered in my life. I live with her. I get up and go to sleep with music every day. She’s a motivator. Music is a starter. Life elixir. I am able to balance with great pop, rock, electro music or a trance. I only had three short questions. This time I asked Robert from Spain a few short inspirational questions …….

1. What are your fears?
Fears: dying f course, like any human being.

2. What inspires you?
The Ozzy Osbourne inspires me. But in 1967 he formed the first band and within two years Black Sabbath was formed – scandalous, loud, dark and part of the explosion of British heavy rock bands, including Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Ozzy’s crazy person gave the world a heavy metal instant legend. His solo career is also successful – Ozzfest (who was conceived by his wife Sharon and son of Jack in 1996) is still one of the largest rock festivals in the world…..

3. Do you have a favorite song? Favorite book?
The favorite song: not really. There are so many that I couldn’t even pick one. I love NLP books from Richard Bandler, NLP is a mental technique that allows you to take control over your thoughts and live a happy life. And Psicología del éxito (psychology of success) by Spanish writer Mario Luna. The amazing book totally changed my perspective on life. I don’t know if there is an English version of it though.

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