I have a chance to do a short interview with Robert Navajas –
Lead guitar player and vocalist from Spanish heavy metal band MAD-ERA. His first solo record (SPECTRUM) in the market now. I took a coffee, open youtube canal and start to listen to a music of Robert Navajas, https://youtu.be/eTyBpy09gAg (First single from SPECTRUM album by Robert Navajas.) After 3 months of hard work, writing, recording and mixing, Spectrum, my first solo record is now a reality said, Robert. “Hope you like the single!!! #rock #Metalhead #country #kemper #gibson #guitar #SHREDDING #southern #music #videoclip #passionate”

What is it like a being musician in Spain?

I guess it rocks, I mean making music is the most exciting thing ever, doesn’t matter where you are from. The way that the music industry has evolved makes people able to put out their stuff regardless of where they are from so I guess there is not much of a music scene anywhere How many followers You have on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)? I don’t really know, it keeps growing and I am very thankful to those who support me.

Do you plan to go on tour in Spain?

The thing is that in order for people to play your music you have to be willing to pay them, and my solo project really requires 4 extra people aside from me, so I don’t see that happening in the near future, not with my solo stuff, I have done some touring in Spain with my band MAD-ERA but we are taking a break now so yeah, next step for me is making another album through the summer and then find amazing musicians to play it and tour but it will be another project of mine, though I will record everything like I did in the spectrum it’s not going to be published under my name because I want that only for acoustic stuff, at least for now.

If you could say anything to all of those numerous fans that you have out there (social media), what would you say?

I honestly feel very thankful to all those people like you Marija that have such an interest for me and my music, I really put so much passion in this and it is very gratifying to see that people dig it so much. I love you all!!




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